Josh Narvaez: A day at the beach

MIA Skateshop's new team rider on the endless mission to find spots.

Josh Narvaez

One of the newest additions to the team originally from the Florida Keys. Josh is a true bretheren of the order of street skaters.

Searching North Miami Beach

Josh was down to skate almost every spot we came to.

It's more about style, creativity and the intent. How you skate, why you skate. When you got it you got it and there is no clear explanation or definition.

You can definitely look forward to seeing more of Narvaez in the future.

Check out Josh Narvaez, Rene Perez and Mikey Higuera as they trip up to Tampa Am 2013. Stopping off at Bradenton public skatepark that is free and open to the public we couldn't help but wonder why a city like Miami doesn't have one! Ryan Clements had us over for a BBQ the day of the finals. MIA crew was in reppin the entire weekend although no one made it to the finals we still come home winners.

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