MIA Skate Shop

Family Coverage

    • GX1000: Moving Violation

      Don't just play IN traffic, play ON traffic. Skateboarding owns the streets.

    • Bum Rush the Spot Miami 2014

      Red Bull DIY spot in Downtown Miami. Filmed & Edited by Mikey Bueso.

    • Clash of the Crews 2014

      Filmed & edited by Richard Quintero

    • Ben Gore Video Part via Transworld Skateboarding

      Ben Gore filmed exclusively at night in San Francisco, California

    • GX1000: Living In The Bay

      Flowing through the SF streets, creative use of spots, and of course bombing hills.

    • World View: Miami by Transworld Skateboarding

      Ft. MIA Riders Mikey Higuera, Rene Perez, Lazaro Reyes, Koki Loaiza, Josh Narvaez, Danny Fuenzalida, and Joel Meinholz

    • Danny Fuenzalida Full Clip Friday

      Danny Fuenzalida Full Clip Friday at P-Rods's park. Filmed by Dan Abadi and Spanish Mike.

    • Magenta’s Old Woops New Groove

      Magenta pros Leo Valls & Ben Gore bringing new life to the woops (driveway bumps)

    • Time Machine #22: Danny Renaud (Theories of Atlantis)

      Over 5 minutes of unseen raw Renaud footage from Miami up to NYC and across to LA and SF.

    • MIA Welcomes Alex Yurrita, Mikey Higuera & Josh Narvaez

      Welcome to the Family!

    • Jonathan Alvarado ft on Ride Channels Shredit Cards

      MIA Skate Shop team rider Jonathan Alvarado

    • Grand Central Park Edit 3.0 by Ismael Gaitan

      Grand Central locals ripping the park!

    • SPoT On With Danny Fuenzalida

      Danny breaks down what Grand Central is, and skates around Miami

    • Franks for Nothing Orlando

      Downtown Orlando w/ Danny Fuenzalida, Aaron Austin, and Chris Blake

    • GX1000: Seattle is a Playground

      Ryan Garshell at it again.

    • Magenta Skateboards Welcomes Ben Gore

      Congrats Ben, great company, great team!

    • Grand Central Park iPhone Edit by Matt Roy

      Sick iphone edit at GCP by Matt Roy

    • Bum Rush the Spot Grand Central Park Miami

      Filmed & edited by Ismael Gaitan

    • Data Recovery: Ed Selego

      By: Roger Bagley

    • A week in Miami with Danny Fuenzalida

      Bones Bearings: A week in Miami with Danny Fuenzalida.

    • MIA x Coral Morphologic Deck Series & Launch Party

      Now Available In-store & Online!

    • Jahmal WIlliams on Free Lunch – Ride Channel

      MIA homie, Jahmal WIlliams talks Toy Machine, Mark Gonzales, Hopps, and More on Free Lunch!

    • In A Moment with AJ Petit

      AJ Shoutin' out to the Homies at Miami's Grand Central Park. - By Mike Atwood

    • Danny Renaud is Dancin Dirty

      Via Theories of Atlantis

    • Miami Grand Central Park Homie Edit

      Edit by Xabier Reyes

    • Hopping Into Labor NYC-Spring 2013

      Shot and edited by Jeremy Elkin

    • 5 On Flat With Danny Fuenzalida

      Danny Fuenzalida ft on Manny Santiago's '5 On Flat'

    • SLAY SUNDAY: Danny Fuenzalida

      Ft. on Manny Santiago's www.mannyslaysall.com

    • Tampa Pro & the Miami TF

      filmed: Tadashi | lowcardmag.com

    • ‘Volunteers’ by Mikey Bueso

      by Miami's own, Mikey Bueso

    • Polar Skate Co in NYC

      Polar Team in NYC

    • LES Skate Park with Joel Meinholz

      A day at the LES Skate Park with Joel Meinholz by Bones Bearings.

    • Politic Miami

      Politic Crew in Miami

    • GX1000 Puerto Rico

      Keeping it G in PR. Video By Ryan Garshell.

    • Red Light Green Light – Joel Meinholz

      Hopps Skateboards Clip ft. Joel Meinholz Directed by Vic Sorino!

    • Skate Miami with Joel Meinholz

      MIA Team Rider, Joel Meinholz gives you a personal skate tour of Miami.

    • Brian Delatorre on SkateBoarder Mag Cover

      Cover of the Skateboarder Feb/Mar 2012 Issue